My ketogenic nutrition for superpower and fitness

Ketogenic nutrition

Ketogenic nutrition

Ketogenic nutrition offers great potential for individual health improvements. New studies prove this more and more emphatically. So I also dealt with the topic and had several great successes.

At first there was the great desire for weight loss, which was however unsuccessful for a long time. My wife had exactly these problems. She had read a lot about it in forums and took up the topic of ketosis because it sounded promising.  About a year ago she started using ketogenic nutrition. She had good success with it. So she lost weight and felt much better and was more efficient.

In October 2019 I wanted to test it as well. This created synergies for us, which one does not have to deny. So we no longer have to cook twice. After all, you also save time when shopping and preparing meals.

How does ketogenic nutrition work and is it better than Paleo?

Ketogenic nutrition is the original form of human nutrition. Today, it can be recognized after sleeping and also in newborns. Other important terms are Stone Age nutrition and Paleo. In principle, processed foods are avoided. These are especially carbohydrates. Their proportion should only amount to about 5%.  Further the fat portion is increased to approx. 80%. The protein is therefore about 15 %. In addition, great importance is attached to the quality of the food – for example, special fats such as MCT oil should be used.

From the high fat content and few carbohydrates the body switches the utilization of glucose to a minimum for special functions. The fat is converted into ketones, which are primarily used as fuel in the organism.

Missing fat is in principle replaced by body fat. In theory, up to approx. 200 g of body fat can thus be lost per day. Consider that 1 kg of body fat contains between 7000 and 9000 kilocalories.

The protein content should not exceed 2 times the body weight in grams. Otherwise it can have a negative effect on ketosis. Here, as with carbohydrates, there is, however, scope for sporting exertion, e.g.

Another important point: Carbohydrates are not essential. Protein and fats are essential!

My reasons for using ketogenic nutrition

The most important reason for using ketosis was to lose weight or fat. So far I have had no success with other diets. I also achieved only minimal success with interval fasting.


The physical and mental energy is increased. So all new ketarians start to incorporate more sports and/or exercise into their daily routine. Of course, this has also been the case with me.


In every article on keto, the „razor-sharp“ mind is mentioned as a benefit. The brain should be able to use ketones better than glucose. I’m afraid I can’t say it would be true directly. I hardly noticed any change. Perhaps I’m more structured. In any case, I feel more mentally enduring.

While writing this article I notice that it is easier for me than usual.  This is the first major article since the keto application. Even Yoast SEO only makes green checkmarks on my text. So this would be an example for another positive change after all.


Ketogenic nutrition has had many other successes. For example, there are studies that say that arteriosclerosis can be reduced. The body fat percentage decreases. Fatty liver is reversed. It is used for epilepsy. Yes even diabetes can be reversed or improved so much that hardly any medication is needed. Any insulin resistance can be corrected. The blood sugar is kept stable. As a result, there are fewer fluctuations in performance during the day. Appetite and hunger are normalised. There is significantly less hunger and the ravenous hunger attacks become less frequent. These are only the most important effects.

My successes

Since I always wanted to run, I tested this first of course. But it has always been very difficult for me to hold out without walking breaks. But my new Garmin Fenix 6 with its ingenious apps and training plans has been a great support. In the beginning I started with intervals of 1 min running/walking in alternation. Later I started a Garmin training with a 5 km target. Finally I was at over 4 km without walking breaks. Besides, I always feel super great after running. The Garmin watch also shows me the training data like VO2MAX, aerobic and anerobe training and conditions to train optimally.

In the beginning it was especially difficult to train the constant ascents here. Therefore I train now for the time being on a sports field.

Besides running I do not use cycling and strength training. Swimming was once my favourite. But unfortunately there is only a small hall nearby which is usually well attended.


Because of the ketosis I can go much longer without meals. So I have been able to do interval fasting regularly and recently even fasting. With the latter, it works incredibly well after one day. That was a great experience that I will repeat from time to time. A positive side effect is the onset of autophagy, which allows old cell components to be recycled.


Since the application of the ketogenic diet in October 2019 until now in March 2020 I have lost about 15 kg of weight. I am very proud of this result. I would like to lose another 10 kg of weight.


My blood pressure has dropped from the limit of 140/90 to an average of 120/80. Sometimes it is even only 110/80, so it couldn’t be better!


I needed less sleep after the ketosis had set in. So I was often after 4 hours and could work without having to take breaks during the day. Due to the weight reductions, the obstructive apneas naturally decrease and therefore the sleep efficiency and average oxygen saturation in the blood increases.


Since I have been using ketogenic nutrition, I am in a better mood and have few passive times. I have already stopped taking some of my medication or am reducing it further. So this is also a complete success. If you can realize your goals there are no more reasons for negative thought patterns.


Yeah, that’s right– I didn’t get the keto flu. It usually kicks in when you „quit“ on the carbs, but not always.


Due to the loss of weight, the pressure on the vessels is no longer so high. If there are problems with the circulation, salty water is the best way to stabilize the blood pressure. Salt and water are very important components in ketogenic nutrition. Please do not underestimate this aspect.


Of course, more effort is required because some processed products have to be replaced. So you can make bread/bread/cake/desserts yourself. But in return you have the chance of excellent quality and great taste. Sometimes there is bread which helps with little carbohydrates also as a substitute. Mostly the flour consists then of nut components. Not to be forgotten are then ready mixtures for baking and cooking.


By doing without carbohydrates, the proportion of animal food components usually increases. According to the latest findings, this has no negative effects! That is why some people use ketosis with a strictly animal-based diet. However, vegan and vegetarian diets are still possible-even if much more difficult to implement.


All this is also possible in ketogenic nutrition-even if not directly necessary. The high fat content under ketosis reduces the craving for sweets. Who nevertheless does not want to do without it can choose from several sweeteners. I use erythritol. It has no influence on the insulin or blood sugar level.


The ketogenic diet reduces appetite and hunger. It normalizes, so to speak. This automatically leads to a calorie deficit. But you should also always eat enough – some sources say, in order not to slow down the metabolism. I simply started with interval fasting and then continued to eat normally. I estimate that I have saved more than 1000 kcal per day without having great hunger attacks. Even the running training I was able to incorporate early into the fasting period without any problems.


Yes, there are exceptions. Of course, if you are used to ketosis, you can increase the carbohydrate content a bit. Of course you can also „sometimes“ drink chocolate, ice cream, cola or a beer. But only rarely, in moderation and with caution. That helps a lot to not have to do without all the other goodies.

As an aid I also use my construction kit of food when I have an appetite. This has supported me especially in the initial phase. The ingredients include: boiled eggs, butter cheese, butter, MCT oil, poultry vienna and nuts.


The main causes of this problem are stress, diseases and too many carbohydrates or proteins. This means when the ketone bodies are reduced to such an extent that the organism switches back to using glucose. In the worst case, this then comes from the protein in the muscles. But before this happens there are fortunately other possibilities for formation.


I even notice the slightly fruity smell of acetone when I get into ketosis. However, I have not been told anything negative about bad breath by any non-ketarians – not even when asked explicitly.


This was my first measuring method. But it only works at the beginning, when the organism has not yet optimized itself to the ketones. Then the excess is excreted in the urine and can be measured very well. With that you have the first positive results at a low price for the test strips.


This is my current main method of measurement. It is inexpensive. But probably this method works worse over time because of the optimization. Breathalysers can also be used as measuring instruments under certain circumstances. Recently, however, their sensors have been modified so that they no longer react to ketones. In doubt, there are also simple measuring devices for ketones in the air (acetone) on Ebay. They work very well for me, too.


This is the most accurate but also the most expensive measuring method. I only use it in exceptions.


By measuring blood sugar, for example, it is possible to see that the body is virtually only running at the basic level of glucose. But when doing sports, the higher level required is still produced in the liver. If you don’t get into ketosis, your blood sugar is usually also high. I am currently using a 14-day sensor, the Libre 2, which allows me to observe and test different reactions. But you don’t really need that for ketosis.


They are an immensely important aid, especially at the beginning of the application of ketogenic nutrition. This includes apps like MyFitnessPal, FDDB-Extender as most important representatives. You can experiment with them to reach the macronutrients. With time you will know the numbers better and need it less often.

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