DDF (Data Driven Fasting) – My first tests to reduce body fat.

Starting point

I am enthusiastic about the DDF method and have had my first successes. Therefore I would like to tell you about it here.

After I lost about 25 kg of weight on a ketogenic diet, but then I couldn’t get any further and also didn’t seem to be as athletic as I would have liked, I was looking for a better way to solve the nutrition/weight and fat problem.

In the meantime I gained about 5 kg again. Then I swung to more carbohydrates to improve performance in sports. Finally I became aware of DDF.

How it works

DDF works with the help of a blood glucose meter. In principle, one is only if a so-called trigger value of glucose in the blood was reached after fasting or not eating anything. The authors concluded that 2-3 meals a day are better than long fasting. The trigger value is calculated with the help of a table or app and slowly reduced in a targeted manner. The blood glucose meter is virtually a fuel gauge. It signals when the tank is empty (the trigger is reached), you were thus in the fat burning and you are actually hungry. This then stops you from eating too much due to false hunger signals. The result is that you lose weight. In the beginning I was quite hungry-but it was doable-because the trigger starts from the personal starting point. Black coffee, also decaffeinated, and water help with hunger.

Eating is very rich in protein, at least 40% and little fat. Carbohydrates are allowed. The decisive factor is the metabolism and the frequency of exercise. There is a tool for calculation. Both carbohydrates and fat are very unfavorable. DDF offers free use with the table, but also regular challenges that are paid. An app is then available for this. There is also an English channel on Facebook. The introduction to DDF can be found here. There are other sources of information, such as manuals, recipes and other tools.

When the target weight is reached, the trigger is moved up 10 points. With this, one should then be able to maintain the weight. Of course, one does not always have to measure the blood sugar. The goal is that one recognizes his normal hunger again by feelings and signals of the body and then again more without measurement nourishes itself.

First successes

I have lost the first kilos.  The body fat percentage is currently about 19%. At the beginning I had used the fat scale – recommended by DDF as an aid. Unfortunately, mine was very inaccurate. Therefore, I now use the Caliper method. The Waist To Height is 0.51 – target is 0.5. The abdominal circumference has decreased from about 95 to 88 cm.


I think it’s just awesome. Marty Kendall-the creator is putting a lot of effort into this. The way I read it out, he is self-taught. He has studied the subject extensively-to help his wife. I can’t quite imagine discovering such a great idea as a „company outsider“.

In the beginning, I read the documentation over and over again. Somewhat idle is that it is only available in English. But there are tools for that.

Let’s see how it goes on. I keep you up to date 🙂